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1. Find a sub with ease

After setting the class details, Smart Tags make it easy to notify the right instructors for the class.

Previously we were managing cover on Excel spreadsheets, …we needed a robust tool to bring us firmly into the 21st century.

Hannan Hashmi,
Group Studio Administrator

2. On point communication

Content only goes to those that need it, avoiding pointless emails, messages and more.

On point communication
Find a sub with ease

3. Assign subs without hassle

The original instructor can assign a sub at the click of a button, or send to management for approval.

Not only is the OurPeople application very user-friendly, but the OurPeople staff are a pleasure to work with. They’ve gone above and beyond to work with Club Pilates studios.

Julie Thorpe,

4. Quickly know you have been assigned

Once the class has been assigned, the new instructor is notified.

Quickly know you have been assigned
Find a sub with ease

5. Be in the know with reporting

Managers and other senior team members can track and report on all of the action.

Our instructors are aged between about 18 and 30 and use WhatsApp and Snapchat — half won’t even open email.

Antony Stewart,
Head of Group Exercise

Other features



Team members talk 1:1, in groups or via Topics created by Management. Allow simple communication across your workforce, all within company control.



Using Tags, create files and folders that only relevant team members can view. Share documents, images, videos and more.



From organising team events and training to covering shifts OurPeople has you covered with quick and easy Card interactions.


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