You won't miss a beat

From class subs to training & development, making sure that your team are at the top of their game and every day runs smoothly has never been easier.

Subbing and communications simplified

Quickly broadcast out sub requests, new client promotions, policy changes and more. Drive a strong team and an even stronger bottom line with OurPeople!

With OurPeople, managers save time every day. OurPeople provides a one-stop-shop for all employee communications with an App they will love. Send sub requests, new training materials, and more!

  • "Smart Tags" ensure nobody is sent information that isn't meant for them.
  • Team members receive a personalized list of "Cards" that are quick to read and respond to.
  • Managers can quickly see who has interacted with their message from a desktop or mobile device.

There's more to OurPeople…

Training built for trainers

Micro-Learning flexes your brain better.

  • OurPeople has an innovative Learning Management System built in, designed for today's gym workforce. Simple and effective.

Making team updates smart

Broadcasts keep everyone in the loop.

  • OurPeople's innovative card-based team communications platform makes team updates simple and relevant with Smart Tags.

Share crucial information

Make critical files and documents available to all relevant staff – anytime, anywhere.

  • Managers can control access to each file or folder, elimination information overload. Share class music, schedules, and more.

Report on everything

Understand which team members have read a communication, view staff feedback and more.

  • Capture data from a specific group or the entire company using tags

Our customers ❤️ OurPeople

OurPeople has surpassed all our expectations

Graeme Morrison, North Lanarkshire Leisure

Easy way to keep a team of multiple stores on the same page.

Jeff M., Retail Sales Supervisor

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If you can make a list or send an email, you can use OurPeople. Starting a team is really that simple.

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